Statistical Infrastructure and Services

ODWC helps countries establish robust statistical infrastructure to meet the needs of a modern statistical system and develop capacity to deliver the full scope of statistical services.

Data Development

ODWC provides expertise in the effective design and implementation of census and surveys to collect economic, environmental, and social statistics for national development and monitoring the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Organizational Development

ODWC assists countries in developing and implementing strategies necessary for the effective restructuring and management of modern statistical processes and protocols.

HYDERABAD: PAKISTAN: Students of the Computer Sciences at Khowaja Institute of Information Technology (KIIT) in Hyderabad, learn computing skills. The KIIT provides training and skill development programs to help graduates rise to the challenges. Photo: Visual News Associates / World Bank

Capacity and Protocols

  • Data dissemination
  • Open data systems development and roll out
  • Data management and data flow processes
  • Protecting privacy of respondents
  • Geo-coded data management
  • Harnessing the potential of big data

Censuses and Surveys

  • Macro statistics
  • Censuses
  • Household surveys and poverty analysis
  • Labor force statistics
  • Agricultural statistics
  • Enterprise and services statistics
  • Social statistics
  • Monitoring sustainable development goals (SDGs)
May 11, 2015- KINSHASA, DRC. World Bank Managing Directro Sri Mulyani Indrawati visits  Commercial Court and one stop shop, followed by discussion with stakeholders. Photo: Simone D. McCourtid / World Bank

Modernization and Restructuring

  • Management and restructuring of country statistical systems
  • Modernization of statistical business processes
  • Improvement in legal and policy frameworks
  • Statistical roadmaps and national development strategies
  • Human resources development and training

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