ODW Consulting (ODWC) provides technical support to countries interested in the reform and modernization of their statistical systems and adopting open data policies and practices. Open data is considered a broad concept for improving the quality, relevance, production efficiencies, management, dissemination, and use of data.

Statistical Infrastructure and Services

  • Data dissemination
  • Open data systems development and roll out
  • Data management and data flow processes
  • Protecting privacy of respondents
  • Geo-coded data management
  • Big data
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Data Development

  • Macro statistics
  • Censuses
  • Household surveys and poverty analysis
  • Labor force statistics
  • Agricultural statistics
  • Enterprise and services statistics
  • Social statistics
  • Monitoring sustainable development goals (SDGs)
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Organizational Development

  • Management and restructuring of country statistical systems
  • Modernization of statistical business processes
  • Improvement in legal and policy frameworks
  • Statistical roadmaps and national development strategies
  • Human resources development and training
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Since 2013

About Us

ODWC’s extensive experience in managing large projects, combined with technical and managerial expertise allows the company to successfully take on and complete large multi-topic capacity development projects. ODWC has full familiarity with international statistical standards. It has first-hand knowledge of World Bank and other donor agency procurement and related rules.

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